“Never before had I heard such a beautiful sound.”

“He was playing his life.”

“He played that which we could never forget.”

Everyone likes music. It might not be a genre that everyone else likes, but everybody has some type of music that they like and can relate to. In this scene from the book, Night, Elie Wiesel, Juliek is performing a farewell piece to Elie and all of the others around them. Through his performance alone, Juliek was able to express his feelings and give hope to his fellow prisoners. This scene relates to me because, music has been an important factor in my life since I was young. I started taking my first piano lessons when i was six, and I’ve continued to play the piano ever since. Being able to perform for others is a satisfying experience, and I hope that one day, one of my performances could have an effect on someone as meaningful as Juliek’s dying performance for the prisoners.

                                                      – Tom



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