A Knife and a Spoon

“‘Here, take this knife,’ he said. ‘I won’t need it anymore. You may find it
useful. Also take this spoon. Don’t sell it. Quickly! Go ahead, take what
I’m giving you!’
My inheritance…
‘Don’t talk like that, Father.’”

 Reading Night made me realize how dear your parents are to you, especially during the scene when Eliezer’s father gave his son his knife and spoon. It might not seem like a significant scene to some people, but to me, It was the most impacting moment to me. My Dad moved from my mom, my two sisters, and me a few months ago. When he announced that to us, we were all distraught. I was the only boy in the family, and usually my dad would take care of the house all by himself but I’d occasionally help him with chores of my own. He’d mow the lawn, take care of the pond, and made sure the house was in tip top condition overall. Now that he moved away, he told me I had to be the man of the house. Being a young adult already, I wasn’t as distraught as my mom, who has been with him for 35 years of her life, and my little sister, because I had him for 16 years of my life and he was there for my childhood already. Now, I have to make sure the house runs smoothly, and I never realized how hard he worked to keep the family happy and going. He gave me a list of things to be checked on and that was it. During all this I was like, “whatever,” and didn’t really realize the magnitude of the responsibility he was giving to me. When he left, I just did all the things he assigned and didn’t look twice at anything. Then, when Mr. Theriault gave me the book Night, I thought to myself, “Oh this is the book everyone’s been talking about. It probably won’t be anything special.” Then while reading it, I have never felt so wrong in my life. When Eliezer’s dad gave him the knife and spoon, I realized that that was the same thing my dad did to me. He gave Eliezer his responsibilities and the role of becoming his own man and showing that he doesn’t need his dad anymore. My dad trusted me with taking care of my mom and sister and that I needed to be good to my her because it’s an emotional time, and most of all, he trusted me to become my own man. My dad told me this, but I took him for granted. He also told me he’s no longer going to be here to clean up after me so I now have to take care of myself. This scene made me miss him so much after that because I realized how much I love and miss him. When Eliezer was looking for his dad after, it tore me to pieces because I also felt lost and confused. Now my dad’s in a different state working at least 10 hours a day, sacrificing all of his time and family just so we can pay for my college tuition. I still miss him, and I know he’s suffering more than anyone in my family, because he’s far away from home and his wife and children.

I’d like to thank Mr. Theriault because not only did he give us this book not only just to read it, he gave it to us so we can gain something out of it. All my life I haven’t read any book as inspiring or impacting to me as Night, and I hope everyone in the future gains something as valuable as I gained from reading this masterpiece. If you are reading this Mr. Theriault, I’d like to just say thanks for an awesome year, and even though you might not even like me, I would just like to say you are by far the coolest English teacher I ever had.



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