REFRAMED : Oh Propaganda

Propaganda is not used only during wartime to gain support for the soldiers, but now commonly used as advertisements as a marketing strategy to gain customers. Ads are everywhere. They’re on the TV, billboards, internet, newspaper, magazines, and most likely everywhere you go, you’ll see an ad. Most of these ads are related to the food industry. They have different ads to appeal to different ages and gender. It’s easier to be targeted on the internet, because they can view your search history and get to know you and what you like. Social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube are used to attract people of all ages.  Advertising your product is the number one to attract new customers.

Carl’s Jr. has a unique way of attracting men to buy and eat their food. One of their ads features Kate Upton, a well-known model, eating their new spicy burger, and as she proceeds to eat the burger, it gets hotter and hotter. This technique is used to target a specific gender and is very useful depending on the case. They’ve also hired Kim Kardashian to campaign their new healthy salads. This was used to target young men, but it was also meant for women. By showing a model or someone famous eating food from Carl’s Jr., other women would be eager to eat there and be just like the famous people they saw in the ads. Their ads have attracted many viewers on YouTube, gaining them new customers.

When Victor Kim the member of Quest Crew, the famous dance crew, tweeted that he was going to be in a McDonald’s commercial, his fans were eager to see it. This not only promoted himself and Quest Crew, but also promoted McDonald’s because they just gained millions of Quest Crew fans worldwide that they might’ve not had before. They’ve also hired Lebron James and had a huge success from that one ad. Because the people in these ads use social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, the ads spread like a wildfire and gains more popularity.

Other ads use comedy to attract consumers. Comedy is able to attract any age and gender. It is a more general method, but gained them many customers.

To attract kids, they use toys to attract the kids and have them make their parents go buy food there, because of that one toy. It is easier to tempt kids and appeal to them than it is adults. By attracting one kid, it has made the whole family eat there, and the child might spread the word to his or her friends, causing them to go too.

The food industry also exaggerates or creates a perfect model of their food, making it seem delicious or appealing to the eye, but it is usually a lie and the actual product is not what attracted you in the ad. These false advertisements are also a form of propaganda.

Propaganda is not dead, it is still being used today in the form of advertisements. They appeal, lie, and attract people to get what they want, no matter the cost. Modern day propaganda and social media networks are huge influences to the marketing plans of food industries.



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