REFRAMED: New Creations

Over the past few days in my English class, we have been working with quotes that everyone has picked out as their most wise and influential quote. Quotes can be very inspirational and have much insight on life. Our whole class shared our quotes on our new facebook group. Many people might say that food quotes aren’t as inspirational or inspiring, but here are some that I have picked out.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw


For me myself, I love eating, but sometimes, I might eat too much. Food is a wonderful thing that is very diverse and has many different forms/styles that make each dish unique.

“One should eat to live, not live to eat.” – Moliere 

This quote can be interpreted in different ways. However, I believe it means that you shouldn’t take food for granted and only eat enough to satisfy your hunger or daily nutritional value. The part, “not live to eat,” means that you shouldn’t eat unhealthy food. You don’t care how much you eat, but you eat just for yourself. In the end, it is better to “eat to live” and “not live to eat.”

In addition, we have just started to read a new novel, called, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” This book is about a man named Edmond Dantes who at first, lives a wonderful life, with his future wife, Mercedes. However, his future changes and is falsely accused and sent to the prison, Chateau D’If. There, he meets a prisoner that was once a priest, Faria. There, they create a plan to escape the prison through an underground passage, but Faria falls ill and dies. Dantes escapes through a master plan by using his dead body to escape and after that, takes the treasure that Faria has left him. There, he starts his journey of vengeance. At first, Dantes wasn’t sure about what to do, but later he trusted a complete stranger to help him escape.



This is a modern picture of the prison Dantes was held in, Chateau D’If.

This goes with the whole idea of trying new things, like food. Everybody is scared of trying new things. You never know whether or not it will be good or bad. However, risk taking is very important into succeeding in life. At first, I never tried anything that looked unappetizing or anything that was not what I usually ate. However, after persuasion, I have learned to take risks and try new things. This can also go into cooking, where you will go out of the ordinary in creating a new dish or baking. In fact, many dishes and other foods were created from many people that have decided that they would go out of the ordinary in cooking or making their new product. For myself, I love mixing drinks and different sauces into my foods. For example, I love mixing honey mustard and sweet n’ sour sauce together in sandwiches, fries, or burgers. In addition, I like mixing plain, flat drinks with soda. In the end, always remember to try new things, whether it is food, school, or anything else in life.



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