REFRAMED: Who decides the “Meta”?

What is the “Meta”? Well, for starters it’s the trend, the flow, the unspoken and unquestioned law that surrounds a particular subject in society. For example, in the early years of basketball, the game was usually filled with back and forth shooting and occasional fast-breaks. Nearly all of the basketball community played the game this way, with no questioning of this “Meta” because that’s how they thought the game was suppose to go. But then, one coach by the name of Paul Westhead decided that this wasn’t the way he wanted to play basketball, so he created The System, which revolutionized basketball forever. The System was a name he came up with for the style of basketball where the players would run repeated fast-breaks in order to score as many points as possible before the opposing team could get on defense. This play-style was so new and refreshing, the locals loved it. It was not welcome by the basketball community at first because it wasn’t fool proof, but it became a widely known play-style later on. This just comes to show that anything can sound weird and be rejected at first, but that’s the start of every new trend in human history.

        Fashion is another huge example, I mean, who ever thought having a Mohawk would ever become cool to people who never heard of hair style in their life? Mohawks and other weird hairstyles didn’t just appear out of nowhere, there had to be a person or group that wanted to try something new, and their bravery would either prove to be successful or humiliating.

    This applies to many other things too such as food and art. Food and art fall under the same category sometimes, because creating food is creating art itself. The ingredients of food determine so much about the final outcome, just like what you put in a piece of art. Modern art is very risky with usually low rewards, but an artist in the early 1900s by the name of Marcel Duchamp once put a urinal on a street and rotated it 90 degrees and called it art. He was widely rejected at the time because his idea was crazy and no one wanted to believe it was art. But, later it was deemed a work of art and many replicas were made and put in museums across the nation.

      Life is all about trying new things no matter what society says, because that’s how the human race evolves as a culture and it won’t ever stop so just keep going against the “Meta” and one day you could create the next big thing.


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