ReFramed : Satisfaction

What is better and what is worse? In class, we talked about how sometimes, going to the best college or university doesn’t make someone set for life and it doesn’t mean their life will continue to be successful. Sometimes it is better to do what you want to do rather than what society thinks is best, and you can be happy and successful without going to a prestigious university.  Graduating from one of those universities could either have positive or negative aspect. For example, what if you couldn’t pay off your student loans and debts, and you don’t land a job. What then? Sure, you have a fancy degree and you’re a graduate from one of the top schools in the nation, but what are those things worth when you owe so much money and you’re unemployed?

I found that this relates to the topic of food. Is going to a 5-star restaurant really worth it? Sure, everyone thinks it MUST be fantastic because it’s one of the top restaurants in the nation, but is the food worth the expensive bill? Is it worth it to make a reservation months in advance? Maybe it is worth it, but only during the meal. What about after you’ve finished eating? It’s just like going to a top of the nation university. It’s worth it while you’re there, but maybe not so once you’ve received your first bill for your loan. Both events are just a small portion of your life. Some people might say it’s better to think about the present and live it in, than always thinking about the future and planning everything out, but I think it is foolish to always act without thinking because there could be long term consequences that not only affect the person, but others around that person as well. The 5-star meal could lead to regret and disappointment, because the food might not meet one’s expectations, or it could lead to bankruptcy. Constantly eating at such an expensive place could lead to huge bills. Just like the longer one stays at an expensive university, the more one has to pay for the student loans. Sometimes a normal college or university could be more beneficial for someone, because they do not have to find a job right away to pay for a huge student loan. You could get the same degree by paying less and still having that college or university experience, without having to pay those expensive fees.

A simple homemade meal could prove to be better than food from a 5-star restaurant, simply because the cook knows the consumer’s preferences and caters to the preferences of the consumer at home, while at a restaurant, the chef in the kitchen never meets the customer and doesn’t know the customer on a personal level. The homemade meal does not cost a lot and can be just as satisfying as the expensive 5-star meal. Therefore, sometimes it is better to plan out your future than live in the moment and make mistakes that could have devastating consequences.



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