Reframed: Simplicity at it’s finest

Simplicity. People love keeping things simple. The simpler the better. In my English class we recently discussed the contrast between simplicity and complexity or like a fantasy. Normally we eat those complicated fancy foods at fancy parties and weddings and stuff like that. I’m not sure about you guys, but I hate eating fancy food. They always taste weird, look weird, I’ve never heard of them, or the portions are too small. Like whenever I am at a wedding and I have to eat the food, there are a bunch of stuff that I have never seen before and the food doesn’t look too appetizing. There was one point at a wedding when they began serving jelly fish, and that was where I drew my line.


I don’t know about you guys but I prefer the simple fast food burgers and fries from In N Out or something. To me, simple foods are amazing. If I could survive off simple foods every day, then I would be a happy person. Simple foods somewhat release a sense of joy when you first bite into your burger, or when I begin munching on some French Fries. I am sure many many people would rather ENJOY themselves at In N Out rather than eating foods that they are not too familiar with.

 simplicity at it’s finest…

Simple foods are extremely yummy and they are not difficult to make. Hence the name simple. So today I’d like to talk about some simple foods and places you can eat.

Of course, if you’re from California, then maybe your favorite place would be In N Out. Just look at that menu. It only has 5 items! (not including the secret menu).What better place to enjoy an amazing burger than In N Out. It is literally just hamburgers and fries.

Americans love pizza. If you don’t love pizza, then you’re not an American. I’m just kidding. But seriously, pizza is as simple as you can get. Its just some sort of flat bread with tomato sauce, cheese, and then you can have your own kind of topping. My favorite topping is sausage. There are many different pizza joints. Papa Johns, Pizzahut, Domino’s, Little Caesar’s, and Lamp Post pizza. Personally, I think Papa John’s is the best because it just tastes the best out of all the joints I just listed. I am pretty sure I am going to get a lot of criticism for this but oh well, that’s my opinion.


Did you know that Subway is or was the fastest growing fast food chain in America? Subway is amazing. You get to decide what you want and how you want it. The simple thing about Subway is that you can decide to make your sandwich as simple as possible like a friend I know who only puts ham and cheese on their sandwich. Or you can decide to just make your sandwich a giant footlong and make it all complicated with everything in it. Although getting a lot of stuff on your sandwich may irk off the worker because they get annoyed with your order. It has happened to me a few times already where I irk off the worker due to my demands on my sandwich. On the TV commercials, they are always saying how I can have my sub any way I want it so I will make it any way I like it.

  (if you don’t know who this is…..)

Now I have talked a lot about food but I hardly talked about drinks. I’ll probably get to my list of drinks later on in my next posts but right now I just want to mention something. The most simple drink you can have is milk. Chocolate milk to be exact. Chocolate milk is like a child’s dream drink. Tru Moo is the most amazing chocolate milk I have ever tasted. The smooth, chocolaty goodness is like heaven in your mouth when you drink it. If I was allowed to, leave me alone with my Tru Moo and I will finish the carton or gallon in a day.

mmm got milk?


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