Reframed: nothing to eat…

So first world problems? People nowadays are like “there’s nothing to eat!” but yet there is food in the fridge or pantry. That’s our society today. People are always complaining about the lack of food in their fridge or they’re hungry about an hour after they eat. I guess they don’t think about WWI soldiers stuck in the middle of No Man’s Land and all they have in their pockets is maybe a slice of bread. It might not even be GOOD bread. Most likely the bread is moldy and touched by rats. Going back to our friend Paul in All Quiet on the Western Front, he and his squad or stuck in a trench taking cover from the bombardment. Realizing that he is extremely hungry he goes for a nibble of his bread. But at that moment he and his squad mates realize that their bread has been eaten away by rats. He thought about throwing the bread away but realizes that it is too valuable to waste, he just makes do with what he has. Nothing to eat? This basically explains our society today

Now compare these kind of people to the people back during WWI. Of course at the beginning of the war a soldier’s rations were more than enough to keep him lasting for quite a while. But as the war dragged on many soldiers began noticing rations being reduced to basically a loaf of moldy bread. We see moldy bread as gross and disgusting, soldiers see it as treasure and will devour it in seconds if they could. Actually they’d probably think it’s disgusting too, but they would still eat it. So its probably a better example when kids complain about their vegetables at dinner time. Clearly they do not think about the soldiers and what they had to eat. Give a soldier your broccoli kid, he’ll eat that in no time! When we complain about being hungry for an hour, they complain about being hungry for days! Please stop complaining, you just had lunch. So try being like a soldier, don’t waste food. It’s your ammunition.

It’s an artillery shell, this picture made me laugh

So this is bread from WWI. I see it’s got a little mold at the edges there. Anyone up for feast?

Eating this kind of gruel and eating only once a day probably makes a soldier crave something a little more fresh. Kids hate vegetables like broccoli, spinach, or carrots. Well, a WWI soldier would be in heaven if he could eat even a tiny portion of that a day. Vegies keep you going. Also don’t they help you grow? I don’t know. Maybe if soldiers actually had vegetables they could perform better in combat. So this post is going out to all you kids out there because I know you waste food. Trust me I’ve been there. Stop wasting food and eat your vegetables. Just think if you were in those trenches and all you had was moldy bread. A piece of broccoli would taste good right about now huh?



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